Gogo Quinoa Quinoa and Vegetables Soup - 130g

$3.99 CAD

Brand: Gogo Quinoa

Gogo Quinoa Quinoa & Vegetables Soup (130g)

Make every meal complete with this delicious vegan and gluten free vegetable soup with quinoa. This simple broth with dehydrated vegetables and precooked quinoa is ready to enjoy in only 10 minutes: just add hot water and cover! It can also be used as a base to create a more elaborate soup by adding some fresh vegetables and tofu.

Ingredients: Organic pre-cooked quinoa, organic quinoa flakes, dehydrated vegetables (carrots, red bell peppers, chives, onion flakes) salt, spices (organic paprika, organic garlic, organic onion powder, black pepper, turmeric, cumin).

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