CB's Nuts

From their website:

The story of CB’s Nuts started with a bag of fresh roasted peanuts bought from a vendor on the way into a Mariners-Orioles baseball game in Baltimore. Clark Bowen was crazy about baseball, but there was something about the smell and flavor of these peanuts that captured his attention and set his imagination off as the ball game began — this was a unique treat you didn’t find in his native Pacific Northwest, and he imagined himself learning the craft and selling these great tasting peanuts outside of the Mariner’s home stadium in Seattle.

Soon Clark was pushing a small hobby-sized roaster to Safeco Field and selling peanuts warm out of the roaster, at first just hoping to make enough to pay for tickets to the game and stadium beer, but finding there were a lot of people eager for his product. During this period Clark met Tami, who would become his wife and partner in the business. Tami noticed that their fresh peanuts appealed to people across diverse demographic groups — they were popular with everybody, and she saw their potential to expand the business.

As his roasting experience grew, Clark found himself interested in antique roasting equipment and the slower/longer roasts they involved that brought out a richer flavor not found in modern roasting methods. He began searching out long retired roasters and restoring them.