Date Lady

From their website:

Once upon a time, a young couple and their two small world travelers lived a long, long way from home. The Lady of the house was soon enchanted by stories from locals of a special ingredient found in every home– a honey-like syrup from the fruit of the date palm. It was said to heal infirmities, provide nutrition, and make amazing pastries. It was both a survival food of Bedouin wanderers and a feasting dessert of ancient kings. In this part of the world (where over 95% of dates are grown), Date Syrup runneth over. So the Lady brought some home to try. It was delightful on pancakes and waffles. They baked with it in place of sugar and ate it straight off their fingers. They developed recipes with it and shared it with their family and friends. Then, to share this sweet discovery with you, a company was born–and we suspect you’ll love its sweet taste and goodness just as much as we did… and do.

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