From their website:

Gopal's Healthfoods was created by Stefan Knueppel, founder of Govinda’s Bliss Bars, after leaving that company in 2002. Dedicated to organic foods of the highest quality, he created most of Gopal’s products. Gopal's Healthfoods soon became one of the leaders in the organic raw food industry. It is still one of the few companies that will actually soak and germinate most of its nuts and seeds.

You will find these products easily digestible and naturally flavorful, due to their high enzyme or life factor. Considering the value of most of the ingredients used, you will also find these products very reasonably priced.

Gopal's Healthfoods relocated from California to central Texas in 2006, building its small manufacturing plant on a newly acquired 100 acres parcel of beautiful pasture land. This is also the home of several cows that we are protecting, true to the meaning of ‘Gopal’ – friend of the cows. You can contact Stefan directly.