Granola Girl

From their website:

Granola Girl was founded in 2008 by April Tioseco Bellia. It was a labour of love right from the start. April was a 12-year veteran and total hotshot (the nice kind of hotshot) in the specialized cake business. She ran AprilCakes, baking and icing her heart out. Her cakes were delightful. Her clients were ecstatic. But something was missing: She wanted to connect to customers in a more meaningful way. She wanted an everyday connection. A year-round product that could be sold in larger volumes, expand her horizons, connect with the community, and incite joy. Pure, delicious joy.

Inspired by some sweet and pushy friends, April shifted her focus from cake to natural health food. She created a granola that was both good for the taste buds and for the soul. Her friends and family were hooked instantly. One called her “the Granola Girl,” and the brand was born.

It started small and humble. April sold granola samples at local markets. She knew people would like it; but she didn’t expect that they’d line up in droves and fall on their knees for it. It quickly became obvious that she was on to something. So “Granola Girl” launched in 2011 and now strives to make the very best granola EVER!