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Urban Cheesecraft Brie, Feta, Chevre & Fondue DIY Kit

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Brand: Urban Cheesecraft

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Urban Cheesecraft Vegan Brie, Feta, Chevre & Fondue DIY Kit

Urban Cheesecraft has now made it easy to craft delicious, DAIRY-FREE, vegan, paleo and allergy-friendly plant-based brie, chèvre (goat cheese), feta and fondue. Experiment and customize with your of nuts, seeds, veggies and even white beans in just about 30 minutes!

Your Dairy-Free Brie, Chèvre, Feta and Fondue Kit makes 10 batches and includes these carefully selected and tested supplies:
  • Fine Mesh, 100% Cotton Cheesecloth
  • Gluten-Free Tapioca Flour (cassava root)
  • Quick Gelling Agar Powder (seaweed)
  • Black Truffle Sea Salt
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Fine White Pepper
  • Pure, Non-Iodized Flake Salt
  • Instructions With Tips and Variations
  • Email Support As Needed
NO soy, grains, gluten, or carageenan! And if you have a nut allergy, you can use seeds or beans. There are NO nuts in the kit.

You add your choice of nuts, seeds, veggies or even white beans as well as a healthy oil, optional spices and herbs. In less than an hour, you can behold and enjoy your own homemade, delicious, totally plant-based wheel of cheese!

The kit makes 10 combined batches of the various cheeses and each batch yields 1-1.5 cups of cheese depending on your chosen ingredients. There is no aging or culturing required but you can choose to add fermented foods for great flavor!

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