TMRW Foods Lightly Seasoned Protein Shreds - 200g

$8.99 CAD

TMRW Foods Lightly Seasoned Protein Shreds (200g)

The protein equivalent to the little back dress, our Lightly Seasoned Shreds are delicious when cooked as is, or seasoned with your favorite marinade or rub. Try them in a crispy Banh mi, fresh and crunchy salad, colorful stir or creamy pasta dish.

Ingredients: Water, TMRW Protein (pea isolate, oat flour, brown rice protein concentrate), Expeller pressed canola oil, Natural flavours (containing yeast extracts, salt, spice extracts, coconut oil, celery juice powder, carrot juice powder, onion juice powder), Apple cider vinegar, Sea salt.

Allergens: Celery, Coconut.

Note: Ships frozen.