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Why Fermented and Organic? Fermentation preserves the nutrients in foods and makes them more easily absorbable. This is particularly important for proteins because they can be difficult for the body to assimilate. Fermentation is also important for greens because their nutrients are locked inside difficult to digest cellulose walls. Fermentation breaks down those walls, unlocking nutrients. Fermentation also improves taste and texture, while naturally creating beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins and probiotics. Unlike other fermented brands, KOOA starts with Certified Organic, nutrient rich plants. We add absolutely NO fillers, sugar, salt, or artificial flavours. The result is clean, potent, highly digestible nutrition your body can absorb! KOOA offers 2 great tasting Fermented Organic Proteins: Clean Protein and Green Protein, as well as a potent pH balancing fermented Grass Blend.


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