Louisville Vegan Jerky Company

From their website:

Louisville Vegan Jerky Company was started in my home kitchen back in 2012.  Having spent some time in Oahu as a child, I was craving manapua one night and decided I would try to create a vegetarian version.  Typically manapua is made by stuffing char sui (bbq pork) into a sweet dough and steaming it.  I got an old recipe for the char sui from my mother and decided to bake the soy protein I was using instead of sauteing it.  I was busy trying to get the dough ready and chatting with roommates when the smell of bbq hit my nose. I realized I didn't set a timer.  I ran into the kitchen grabbing the baking sheet out as quick as I could only to find overdone faux char sui.  I was going to make another attempt from scratch when I decided I'd try the burnt char sui anyways.  I couldn't believe it, it was the worst char sui I'd ever had, but the best vegan jerky in the world!  I scooped up what was on the tray, put the new jerky creation into ziplock bags and went to my favorite local bar that always has a full patio of people.  I started passing the bags around the picnic tables, within 20 minutes everyone was talking about the jerky asking where they could buy it.  Most of the people eating it weren't even aware it was vegan!  A couple of weeks later I had the first round of bags selling inside a couple of Heine Brothers Coffee shops and Rainbow Blossom grocery stores around Louisville.  

All of our jerky is made in small batches, in the heart of historic Old Louisville.  We use maple syrup sourced 30 miles from our facility and real Kentucky sorghum sourced from 50 miles away.  Remember, all vegan jerky is not created equal.

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