Loa Skin Inc. All-Purpose Antioxidant Facial Oil Moisturizer - 50ml

$39.99 CAD

Brand: Loa Skin Inc.

Loa Skin Inc. All-Purpose Antioxidant Facial Oil Moisturizer (50ml)

Luxurious in skin feel and quick absorbing, LOA OIL is a multi-action antioxidant topical oil that provides the necessary omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for optimal skin integrity. It soothes and relieves itching in problem areas, and replenishes the skin's moisture barrier while promoting clear skin.

LOA OIL can be used morning and night as an all-over moisturizer (face and body), as well as an oil cleanser.

Safe to use on all skin types, especially sensitive, to bring balance to the skin's natural hydrating functions.

Ingredients: Evening primrose oil*, hemp seed oil*, calendula flower*, gotu kola leaf*, licorice root*, tamanu oil*, plantain leaf*, rosemary CO2 extract*, palmarosa essential oil*, tea tree essential oil*, frankincense essential oil*, geranium essential oil*.

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