Oat Of The Ordinary Blueberry Cinnamon - 360g

$14.49 CAD

Brand: Oat of the Ordinary

Oat Of The Ordinary Blueberry Cinnamon (360g)

Enjoy this single-serve oatmeal instant or overnight style!

Nothing will give you the warm and fuzzies like this overnight or instant breaky bowl, a new twist on a classic favourite. Antioxidant-rich blueberries paired with immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory cinnamon create a nutrient-dense blend perfect for after a workout, before a big meeting or event, or cuddled up with your furry pal on a rainy/sunny/cloudy/snowy/windy/overcast morning.

Ingredients: Rolled oats* †, Protein blend (pea protein, brown rice protein, hemp protein, flavour, stevia extract, sea salt), Flax seed, Chia seed*, Coconut sugar*, Blended freeze-dried blueberries, Cinnamon*, Sea salt.
* = Organic
† = Gluten Free

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