Vegetarian Shoes 'Vegan' Studded Black Belt

$69.99 CAD

Brand: Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes 'Vegan' Studded Black Belt

Super durable quality studded belts. Made from a thick version of their Vegetan Micro-fibre. Pliable and leather-like and super tough this material has a smoother finish than the usual Micro material. Approx. 3mm thick. ‘VEGAN’ is spelled out two or three times (see below) in silver finish rivets. Approx. 4.8 cm wide. With sturdy nickel roller buckle. Sizing is slightly different to our other belt styles. Measured approx. to the middle hole the studded belts are:

Small (S) 30 inches ‘VEGAN’ Spelled out twice

Medium (M) 35.5 inches ‘VEGAN’ Spelled out three times

Large (L) 39.5 inches ‘VEGAN’ Spelled out three times

Extra large (XL) 42 inches ‘VEGAN’ Spelled out three times.

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