Premium Chocolatiers

From their website:

Premium Chocolatiers, located along the beautiful Jersey Shore, started with the goal of offering the highest quality chocolates to those preferring to avoid products containing milk or nuts. Many people suffer from food allergies or are lactose intolerant. Vegetarians and Vegans often avoid products containing milk and many kosher consumers search out products with a pareve (non-dairy or meat- based) status. We are talking about real milk-like chocolates that are not easily discernible from the real thing as opposed to bittersweet, dark chocolates. Finding a suitable replacement for milk chocolate has always been quite challenging and perhaps never before accomplished. Nothing turned up when our people scoured the markets looking for anything that met our criteria. We next began searching out suppliers of non-dairy couvertures to produce our own dairy-free chocolates of high quality and beauty that would be comparable to milk chocolate, but we again came up empty. We could not find anything besides dark, bittersweet chocolates and chocolate coatings produced from shortenings and vegetables oils rather than real cocoa butter and cacao beans like chocolate should be. Not wanting to sacrifice in quality and taste, we finally chose the path of creating our own chocolate couvertures to use in crafting these gourmet and artisan delights.

Note: Premium Chocolatiers has changed names, and can now be found as No Whey Foods. 

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