Backcountry Wok Original Fried Rice Dried Meal - 120g

$11.99 CAD

Brand: Backcountry Wok

Backcountry Wok Original Fried Rice Dried Meal (120g)

Nothing says comfort food like The Original Fried Rice. Filled with fresh vegetables, soya puffs and homemade vegetable bouillon -- just the way Mom makes it.

Just add hot water to pouch, wait 15-20min! Fully compostable container.

Ingredients: White rice, carrots, potatoes, textured vegetable protein (defatted soy flour), spinach, garlic, shallots, parsley, onion, salt, thyme, black pepper, celery seed.

Contains: Soy.
Allergy info: does not contain gluten, nuts or dairy, but made in a shared kitchen where these ingredients are processed.

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