Avafina Organics Spicy Chipotle Cream Cheese - 200g

$8.99 CAD

Avafina Organics Spicy Chipotle Cream Cheese (200g)

Avafina's Spicy Chipotle Queen Cheese is destined to become a favourite. This smoky, spicy and zesty spread combines the hot flavour of chipotle with the creamy and buttery taste of our Queen Cheese, making it a truly addictive experience to make all your dishes more enjoyable. Use it bountifully as you would cream cheese. Delight your senses and celebrate healthy food with your friends and family!

Ingredients: Cashews*, water, cabbage brine*, sea salt, lemon juice*, roasted red pepper*, garlic*, onion*, chickpea miso paste*, chipotle powder*, apple cider vinegar*, yeast, vinegar*, tapioca , tomato paste*, bacterial culture, spices*.

Contains: Cashews.