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Ecoideas Coco Natura Original Organic Coconut Milk Powder – 200g

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Brand: Ecoideas

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Ecoideas Coco Natura Original Organic Coconut Milk Powder (200g)

Coconut Milk Powder is a sugar-free, vegan alternative to powdered sugar! Use it to dust the tops of cakes, cookies, cupcakes muffins and pancakes. Sprinkle it on warm drinks like lattes. Dip your strawberries, bananas, or chocolate for a special treat… or enjoy it as-is to satisfy your sweet cravings. Coconut Milk Powder can also be added to your smoothie or favourite beverage.

Coconut Milk is rich in Lauric Acid and contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids and Soluble Dietary Fibre.

Ingredients: Organic coconut, organic inulin, organic maltodextrin, gum arabic.

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