Wilderness Poets

From their website:

It is with great joy that we bring you delicious hand-crafted, raw and organic Nut Butters, Wild Mixes and Superfoods. Many of our products are a starting point for you to develop your own vibrant, organic, plant-based recipes.

Choosing a super healthy diet sometimes seems radical to family and friends who are in a pattern of selecting processed foods and GMO goodies that are easily accessible in typical supermarkets. Learning to make healthy versions of classic favorites and tantalizing desserts using nuts, seeds and superfoods is a sure fire way to inspire others to join in this journey.  

We are grateful to the farmers who lovingly grow our beautiful nuts and seeds organically.  Farming without the use of pesticides, herbicides and petroleum based fertilizers takes a lot more foresight, hard work, and expertise.  You can taste the difference!

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