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Welcome to Vegan Supply! We're a brand new online shop for Canada and beyond.

We officially launched at the VegExpo in Vancouver on May 31st, 2015, and were nearly overwhelmed with the interest and support.

We hope you'll be patient as we build our shop, and we're offering some pretty nifty stuff so far, but have much bigger goals ahead of us.

There may be some errors in processing and shipping as we work through the bugs and processes, but we'll correct any mistakes as best we can - so order with confidence!

Currently, we'll ship non-refrigerated items everyone (including internationally), and refrigerated items can be sent via Canada Post Expedited (cheapest rate) to BC and Alberta locations, and for the rest of Canada we recommend shipping options that take no more than 3 days.

Thanks for checking us out, be sure to sign up for email updates here, and contact us if you have any thoughts, comments, recommendations or requests - we're here to make this your #1 vegan shop!

- The Vegan Supply Team