Welcome to our Black Friday / Giving Tuesday promotion!

Although many now acknowledge that the US Thanksgiving has become the unofficial kick-off for the holiday shopping season (in both the US and now Canada), we at Vegan Supply want to show our appreciation  with a sharing campaign that provides support to causes who can benefit from our support.

This year we have two options, you can save yourself a little money for yourself, or in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, you can 'pay it forward' and automatically donate your 10% to one of the four non-profit groups we have featured.

So why do you buy vegan? Is it for your health? For the environment? For the animals? Some other reason? This is as good as any time to give it some consideration!


Use the code BuyVegan4 and save 10%* from Black Friday through Tuesday the 29th, it's that easy!


If you use one of the codes below, instead of saving you 10%, we'll forward that 10% to the non-profit of your choice, making it a win-win, you get yummy vegan food, and they get the support they need:

  • BuyVegan4AnimalJustice“ - Animal Justice Canada, defending animals in the courts across Canada
  • BuyVegan4HappyHerdVHS” - this is part of their Giving Tuesday program, and is split the donation between Happy Herd Sanctuary & the Vancouver Humane Society &
  • BuyVegan4TorontoPigSave” - this group has received national attention shedding light on transport conditions & other farming practices
  • BuyVegan4VeganStart” - VeganStart, founded and run by our own staffer Dave Shishkoff, helps people take their first steps going vegan - start with switching your breakfasts every day!

Enter your code of choice on the final Checkout page, thanks for taking part! (Note: you'll see a $0.01 discount applied, this is normal, as a discount needs to be applied for a code to be used. We'll tally up the 10% and send to the chosen group.)

* 10% off all shop items but Gift Cards, appliances and discounted items. Cannot be combined with any other offers, if discount and ‘others’ codes used together, will default to discount, and no money forwarded. Promo runs until Tuesday at Midnight PST.