Canada Post Strike

UPDATE AUG 30th: A tentative agreement has been reached, and it looks like the risk of a strike is now over, please continue to order normally. =)

UPDATE AUG 26th: Canada Post has issued a 72 hour notice, we're continuing to watch to see what happens. If you want to ensure your order ships, please select a UPS option, otherwise we'll 'hold' Canada Post refrigerated orders until it looks clear. (See below the UPDATES for more info.)

UPDATE JULY 31ST: We've been shipping as-normal the last few weeks, things seemed to have cooled down, lets hope everything continues and gets resolved!

UPDATE JULY 10TH: The 'Cool Down' has been rejected it turns out, and CP had threatened a lockout...but that has been withdrawn as well. We're still waiting to see if mail will go out Monday.

UPDATE JULY 8TH: There is apparently a 'cool-down' with the strike, and deliveries will continue for the next 30 days. Shipping will proceed as normal now, and we'll update this space when we learn more.


As you've probably heard, Canada Post may begin striking in the next week. Unfortunately, this may result in unreliable service.

Just to let you know, if a refrigerated order has a Canada Post shipping options selected, we may hold the order if it looks like there may be a delay that may result in spoilage. We'll continue to ship non-refrigerated orders as they come in, if possible.

Currently, the best way to avoid this is to use UPS, which is also offered in our shipping options.

Note: this doesn't affect our free Vancouver Pick-Up options.

Sorry for the inconvenience, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

- The Vegan Supply Team