Cold Packs and Shipping

Cold Pack Shipping Guide

IMPORTANT: Please refer to our COVID-19 Updates page first, any information there supersedes related info below. We strongly recommend selecting shipping that's faster than usual, delays with Canada Post are happening sporadically and unpredictably with a huge increase in deliveries, and there are no shipping guarantees, so this is your best option to avoid spoiled goods, thanks!

Ordering some refrigerated items? Here are our recommendations and guidelines! (Please note: if using a Pick-Up location instead of shipping, no Cold Packs are required and you can ignore this page as we'll keep your order refrigerated.)

Travelling Through Time & Space

The Laws of Thermodynamics don't favour shipping cold items. Although you don't have to worry as much about vegan products (which are generally less of a hazard when thawing occurs) it still compromises the quality of the product, and we want the best for you!

Note that thawing will also occur with frozen items, but can generally be refrozen without issue. If refreezing an item is a concern, please select a next-day shipping option to minimize thawing.

We recommend 2-3 days of shipping for refrigerated items with cold packs. This can be stretched to 3 during colder months. This is firm at 2 days in the summer. With exceptionally high temperatures, cold packs alone will not do the job. An insulated box (add to your Cart here) will increase the potency of cooling, but only adds as much as a day. It's usually better to just be sure to choose a faster shipping option. If you are interested in doing whatever it takes to get refrigerated products to you we can get quotes on refrigerated shipping carriers which tend to be expensive. The best is to select a form of air freight which should have your order to you within 2 days across Canada. Please watch the shipping estimate times listed on the Checkout page, and be sure to choose one that fits this timeframe.

The lowest rate we offer is Canada Post 'Expedited'. This will suffice for non-remote locations in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

For all other locations (Manitoba and further east from BC, where we're located) Canada Post "Expedited Parcel" results in longer shipping times. Toronto is typically 4 days, Ottawa surprises us at 5-7 days. Montreal is often 5 days, and Newfoundland is 7-9 days, just to offer some examples. These are all too long for refrigerated goods.

In light of this, we kindly request that you choose a higher shipping rate. Generally, "UPS Expedited" is the best and most economical option, followed by Canada Post "Xpresspost" (especially for smaller orders). We regret the extra cost, but it will be much less satisfying when your cheese turns up as a gooey slag! (This is especially the case in November and December, when shipping is at its peak, and delays even more common.)

For USA & International: Please select a 'top level' shipping, like UPS Express or Canada Post "Priority". Anything slower risks delays at Customs, and will likely result in spoilage.

Be mindful of weekends as well; we generally don't ship refrigerated products Wednesday thru Fridays if it looks like your goodies will be sitting in a warehouse over the weekend. You can place an order, but we'll hold it until the following Monday. (If you absolutely must ship immediately, please include a note in your order, or reply to your Order Confirmation email, or send us a note and let us know what's up.)

Ordering Cold Packs

If you're shipping within 2-3 days, we require that you add 2 cold packs to your order for up to 3 'cold' items. (We'll sandwich your items for full coverage.) Ice packs are $1.50 each, and can be ordered here.

If ordering more than 3 items, continue this equation, so 4-6 cold items should have 4 cold packs, and 7-9 cold items would need 6 cold packs. (Sometimes you might order 4 cold packs, but only get 2 - don't be alarmed, in these cases we've just used larger 12oz ice packs, twice the size of the 6oz we typically use.)

Reusing & Recycling Cold Packs

We use primarily ULINE cold packs (although sometimes reuse others we receive). They are non-toxic, and are 98% water, and 2% cellulose gum (which allows it to freeze at colder temperatures than pure ice, and is made from tree and cotton fibers.)

They're fairly rugged and can be reused many times - keep them for camping trips, or for icing injuries! They can also be given away, some places like food banks may welcome them.

If you wish to recycle them, simply empty the cold pack down the drain with warm water (if it gets cold, it may clog), and the plastic container is #4 LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and can be recycled anywhere they accept #4 plastics.

Again, these are non-toxic, but the full safety data sheet can be found here:

Insulated Shipping Box Option

We typically ship in regular boxes, but if you'd like to keep your items extra cool, we also have an Insulated Shipping Box, it's a bit extra, but if keeping things cool is important to you, we have these available! Just add to your Cart like any other item.

Ordering Chocolate?

In summer months there's a chance your chocolate will end up a hot mess, so we recommend that any chocolate ordered from June through September also include a cold pack. One cold pack should suffice for any quantity of chocolate. (September through May ought to be fine without.)


If you have any suggestions on cold shipping methods (e.g. special reusable coolers or specialty freight companies) which may provide a better service to our customers, please connect with us via email or include a note in your order.

Confused? Just Contact Us!

If you're not sure about this, don't worry! Send us an email with your questions: - and it's fine if you leave the site, your cart should be saved for your next visit and you're ready to process your order.