Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: Apr 27th, 2017


Here we'll hopefully answer all your questions - let us know if you have any other questions!

Q - Do you have a physical shop I can visit and shop at?

Currently, no, but we're working on it for 2017! Please enjoy the convenience of shopping online until we do, with free pick-up options and a flat delivery rate for Greater Vancouver & Fraser Valley (see below).

Q - Where do you ship to?

We'll happily ship to wherever you are the world! You can get a quick and easy shipping estimate straight from the shopping cart - just enter your postal code and you'll get rates from Canada Post and UPS (shipping times listed on the Checkout page - you can continue shopping from the Checkout page as well). If you're in the Vancouver area, we also offer a few places where you can pick up your order, and avoid any shipping fees (see below). Here's a neat map showing many of the cities we've delivered to so far.

Q - What if I'm ordering cold/frozen items?

Please refer to our special page on cold item orders for all the details.

Q - Why don't you offer the Canada Post 'Regular' Canadian service level?

With our discounted rates, it's actually identical in price to 'Expedited', plus Expedited comes with a delivery time and tracking, so for the same money you get a lot more. (And we'd prefer sending parcels with tracking.)

Q - How can I find out what your newest items are?

Our 'Newest Items' are the ones listed on our main page, and this is updated whenever we add new items. Also, if you join our email list, we'll keep you posted - sign-up is also found on the left menu.

Q - What's an efficient way to browse the site?

It might be a bit overwhelming, and there are a lot of options for browsing. We recommend clicking on each major category (Meat & Dairy Alternatives, Pantry, Sweets & Snacks, etc..) and at the sub-menu top is a 'Browse All' option. Select that for each, and you'll get a more manageable list of products from each category.

Q - My Coupon/Discount Code Doesn't Apply to Some Items

There are a small range of items that are always except from discount codes. All appliances, Cold Packs, and items on Sale, Clearance or Hot Deals will be exempt as they're already discounted.

Q - Do you have Gift Cards?

How thoughtful of you, these make amazing gifts, and yes we sure do! Send us a note if you'd like a physical copy of your gift card.

Q - I'm Celiac, is there an easy way to locate gluten-free items?

We have 'tags' on each product, and one of those tags is Gluten-Free, and you can actually browse many of our GF items this way, click here to see.

Currently, this is more of a list of 'intentionally GF' items, as many are also unintentionally GF, like chocolate, so they don't appear in this list. Our long-term strategy is to make it easier to find all GF items, and perhaps 'flag off' all gluten items.

Q - How do the 'Free Pick-up' Locations work?

We currently offer locations where you can pick up your purchase for free, and no cold packs required:

  • Surrey Pick Up at Antony & Sons (#202 - 14016 - 32nd Ave) - can be same-day pick-up if ordered before noon, but next-day for sure, 7 days a week (except holidays). Please include a note in your order when they can expect you, you will get a separate confirmation email as well.
  • Vancouver Pick Up at Meet on Main restaurant (4288 Main St, between 27th & 28th Ave.)
    We can offer next-day pick-up when order is made before 6pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and will typically be there by 5pm the following day. (We transport orders on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, so an order placed on Friday order won't be available for pick-up until 5pm Sunday). You don't have to pick up that day, although we prefer packages are picked up promptly.
  • Vancouver/Gastown Pick Up at Meet in Gastown restaurant (12 Water St, in the courtyard.)
    We can offer next-day pick-up when order is made before 6pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and will typically be there by 5pm the following day. (We transport orders on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, so an order placed on Friday order won't be available for pick-up until Sunday, as late as 5pm). You don't have to pick up that day, although we prefer packages are picked up promptly.

    If you choose a Pick Up option, we'll send you a separate note with individualized pick-up instructions. Note: If you have any questions about your pick-up, please contact Vegan Supply rather than Meet, thank you!

There is no shipping charge for this service, although we do ask if going to the Meet location to avoid more than a day or two delay between the order and pick-up, as storage space there is limited. Also, no cold packs are required for this option, so no need to order any.

Q - Can Someone Else Pick-Up My Order At Meet?

Not a problem, just place the order as you would for yourself, and include a note (or send a separate note) letting us know who to expect for your pick-up.

Q - What About the Flat Rate for the Greater Vancouver Area?

We are now offering a flat shipping rate of $10 for the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Chilliwack. Order can be any size, and will be shipped Monday through Wednesday via UPS, and you can expect your order within 2 days. Please be sure to add Cold Packs for refrigerated orders!

Q - What Currency Do You Use?

We process our orders in Canadian dollars. This may actually be to your advantage, visit the XE.com currency converter to see what current rates are, and how far your dollar goes today! You can also choose US dollars from the pull-down near the top left corner. (Note: there may be currency exchange premiums on non-Canadian cards, check with your credit card company to see what these rates might be.)

Q - Where Can I Find French Labelling on Items?

We have French labelling for all our products upon request.

Q - Do I Need to Set Up Some Kind of Vegan Supply Account?

After your first order you can create an account with our site, and it will save your mailing details (but not your credit card info) for a faster check-out, but it's not required, and you can go straight to the check-out to complete your purchases.

Q - How Do You Process Payments?

Our shop is hosted by Canadian company Shopify, and they process all transactions, and can accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

Q - Why did DV8 Restaurants come up on my credit card statement?

Our business account is currently under the name DV8 Restaurants Corp.

Q - What Does 'May Contain...' mean?

Some items have warning labels like 'May Contain Traces of Dairy'. These refer to traces of an allergen, the residue of which may remain on production machinery between batches - for example, in a chocolate factory where they produce dairy and dark chocolate. These items are still considered vegan by most, as they're not intentionally added to the product, and are usually in very trace amounts which could be of concern for people with specific allergies, but not actually intended for the final product.

Q - Your Site Says 'Meat', But I Don't Eat Meat

Here at Vegan Supply we're unabashedly vegan, and we're exploring the idea of challenging the ownership of 'meat'.

Consider: the meat of an apple or nut - it's tricky when you get to the meat of the matter! Another example is Field Roast, who were banned by the Canadian government partly for using the term 'Grain Meat' to describe their product. We don't believe anyone has ownership of the term 'meat', and for the sake of simplicity it would be nice to simply offer 'meats' without prefixes or other context. A veggie meat is still 'meat', and on a vegan site, they're all 'veggie meats', so why all the extra terminology? It might be helpful in a grocery store that carries animal products, but here we hope you can enjoy our meats without worry.

Q - Do You Sell in Bulk?

We do offer a few items with Case Sales. If you're interested in larger quantities of a product, please get in touch.

Q - Who Are You?

We're a few vegans who want to get you amazing vegan food and products! Check out our About Us page for more.

Q - Do You Sell to Retailers and Food Service Establishments?

Yes! We plan to not only supply individuals, but also businesses with their vegan supply needs. Please email info@vegansupply.ca to find out more.

Q - I Make a Vegan Product, Are You Interested In Selling It?

There's only one way to find out: email us! We love connecting with other vegan entrepreneurs and vendors.

Q - Are You Hiring?

Not at the moment, but if you think you have a skill we could use feel free to get in touch! Email a letter describing why this would be a good fit for you, and a resume to: info@vegansupply.ca