Shipping Guide

Chinatown and Surrey pick-up?

Chinatown pick-ups are usually ready about 2 hours after the order is placed during opening hours, please wait for your pick-up confirmation email. 

Surrey pick-up orders are delivered to Surrey on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons and will sometimes not be available for pick-up until the following day. Please wait for your pick-up confirmation email. 

No cold packs are needed for pick-up orders! We keep your order refrigerated/frozen until the point of pick-up. 

Shipping frozen or cold items?

Always make sure to choose a fast shipping option! 2-day shipping is maximum for any orders that have cold or frozen items. Slight thawing is likely to occur but as all products are vegan, they are fine to refreeze! Make sure to buy enough cold packs* and add an insulated box if you want to keep your order extra safe.

Shipping to the Greater Vancouver (including Fraser Valley) or Greater Victoria area?

We have a Flat Rate option for both of these areas: $12 for Vancouver and $15 for Victoria. This is usually a 1-day shipment with either FedEx Ground or UPS Standard. Please add cold packs* to your order! 

Living remotely?

If you live remotely and Canada Post 3 day shipping is your best option, please make sure to add an insulated box to your order, this will keep your frozen and refrigerated items safe even though the shipping might exceed the 2 days that are recommended for cold shipping. Without an insulated box, your frozen items will be thawed when delivered. Please make sure to add enough cold packs*! We will only be able to send out any orders with cold or frozen items with shipping that exceeds 3 days if the risk is accepted by the customer. 

Shipping to the USA or international?

To get through customs promptly, top-tier shipping is required, therefore all international orders that have frozen or refrigerated items need to be shipped with either DHL Express or UPS Express. We highly recommend adding an insulated shipping box for all cold and frozen orders to make sure nothing is spoiled if there are delays with customs. 

When will my order ship?

We only ship orders containing frozen and refrigerated items on Mondays and Tuesdays, with the exception of orders going locally (Greater Vancouver and Greater Victoria) which are also being shipped on Wednesdays. 

In some cases, we might be able to ship out orders on Wednesdays going beyond BC, if a top-tier shipping service is selected. Please contact our team at if you would like to get your order shipped on a Wednesday and we will look into options for you.

Dry orders are leaving our facilities Monday-Friday at 2 PM. Orders placed before 10 AM will get shipped out the same day with an exception for busy times such as sales. We cannot control what happens to orders once they leave our facilities - please check your tracking number for more information.

*How many cold packs should I add?

Please count 1 cold pack per 2 frozen/refrigerated items! The more you add, the colder your order will be when delivered. If you want to keep your order extra safe and cold, we recommend adding an insulated box to your order.