Wholesale & Distribution

Vegan Supply Wholesale

Vegan Supply also offers wholesale and distribution channels.

If your business is interested in some of the lines we carry, we offer Retail and/or Food Service distribution for a number of brands including:

  • Benjamissimo Chocolates (retail)
  • Becel (retail and food service)
  • Beyond Meat (food service only)
  • Blume (retail and food service)
  • Bumble Bloom (retail, food service available by special order)
  • Butler Foods (retail and food service)
  • Cocomels (retail)
  • Daiya (food service only)
  • Dandies Marshmallows (retail and food service)
  • Earth Balance (food service)
  • Edward & Sons Trading (retail)
  • Farming Karma (retail)
  • Fresh Start Fauxmage (retail, food service available by special order)
  • Field Roast (retail and food service)
  • Go Max Go candy bars (retail)
  • Harmonica (retail)
  • Inka Chips (retail)
  • Kula Kitchen (retail)
  • Let's Do... (retail)
  • Lovely Candy Co. (retail)
  • Mateina (retail)
  • Milkadamia (retail)
  • Minor Figures barista oat milk (retail)
  • Native Forest (retail and food service)
  • Nature's Charm (retail and food service)
  • Noble Jerky (retail)
  • No Whey Foods Chocolates (retail)
  • OmniFoods (food service only)
  • Pacific Foods Milks (retail)
  • Premier Japan sauces (retail, food service available by special order)
  • Plant Ahead (retail)
  • Raaka Chocolates (retail)
  • Road's End Organics (retail)
  • Save Da Sea (retail and food service)
  • Secret Aardvark Hot Sauces (retail)
  • Simply Simple Vayonnaise (retail and food service) 
  • Sjaak's Chocolates (retail)
  • Tofuna Fysh Sauce (retail, food service available by special order)
  • Tofutti (retail and food service)
  • Urbani Tunah (retail)
  • V-Planet Pet Foods (retail)
  • Vegan Zeastar and Vegan Junkstar (retail and food service)
  • Very Good Butchers (retail and food service)
  • Viana Veggie meats (retail)
  • Violife (retail and food service)
  • Wiley Wallaby (retail)
  • The Wizard's Worcestershire Sauces (retail)

We can also look into carrying brands not listed as well. If you haven't already been in touch, please use the form below to inquire about a Wholesale account. (NOTE: only available to other businesses, not for individuals. Responses may take up to 1-2 business days.)

Are you looking for distribution?

If you're producing a vegan food or product, and are interested in having Vegan Supply as a wholesale distributor, please get in touch with us below. We can provide you exposure online through our shop, as well as distributing to other grocers across the country.

Vegan Supply is committed to making it easier to find vegan food across Canada, and we hope you'll join us in this!

NOTE: For vendor inquiries and applications, please use our regular contact form. This form is for Wholesale inquiries only, thanks!

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