Amoda Cacao & Reishi Mood Boosting Hot Cocoa Blend - 75g

$25.99 CAD
By Amoda

Amoda Cacao & Reishi Mood Boosting Hot Cocoa Blend (75g)

New name, same quality and formula! Now in a larger 85g/30 serving pouch. Cacao & Reishi (formerly named Matcha Bliss) is an uplifting blend of cacao, reishi, maca and matcha for mood-boosting and adaptogenic support. Enjoy a calm, focused energy and balanced mood that helps you live every day to the fullest. A blissful matcha hot chocolate with an earthy indulgence and a cinnamon kick. 

Low in caffeine! Only 10mg of caffeine per serving.

Delicious mixed into nut milk lattes, smoothies or wellness elixirs. For a luxurious latte, try Cacao & Reishi blended with oat milk and cacao butter.

Ingredients: organic raw cacao, organic gelatinized maca, organic reishi (micronized whole mushroom), organic matcha, organic true cinnamon, organic pink himalayan salt.