Angel Juicers AG-5500

$1,550.00 CAD

Brand: Angel Juicers

Angel Juicers AG-5500

The Angel Living Juice Extractor can juice almost anything from carrots and apples to wheatgrass and spinach; it can even make soymilk, tofu, nut butters and frozen fruit sorbets. The revolutionary, all stainless steel design incorporates a twin gear impeller press system that rotates powerfully at a low 82 rpm (the ideal speed), while ensuring maximum enzyme and nutrient retention. Whether you are juicing for one person or for a whole family, the Angel Juicer is versatile enough for everyone.

The Angel's exclusive antibacterial stainless steel gears slowly rotate at a low 82 RPM generating no heat or shock so you can get the highest quality extraction of nutrients and live enzymes with minimal oxidation.

The Angel features a three-stage twin gear system for efficient juice extraction. Stage one applies concentrated pressure to the fruits or vegetables. Stages two and three grind and continuously process the fruits or vegetables, producing very dry pulp and as a result - more juice. In addition to the three-stage twin gear system, the Angel's three-stage screen filters can maximize pure juice yield resulting in almost 20 to 30% more juice extracted compared to other juicers.

The Angel Juicer also has the easiest, simplest clean up compared to any other twin gear juicer or vegetable juice extractor. It is a high functioning machine that will certainly prove itself in this and other areas. Please closely look at every single part of the Angel Juicer. It is completely different from any other juice extractor. Every single inch is made of the highest quality material and created from excellence.

New 2015 upgraded model with improved motor, gearbox, cooling system, safety sensors and control panel.

  •     Anti-jamming system by self-adjusting speed control when overloading.
  •     Automatic cooling system when overheating inside the juicer.
  •     Automatic self-controlling motor thermal sensor.
  •     Newly designed main control board.

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