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Basic Roots The Big Cheese Cracker - 90g

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Brand: Basic Roots

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Basic Roots The Big Cheese Cracker - 90g

All the things you need in a good cracker – crispy, with rich flavor and the ability to make us powerless to stop eating them. These crackers are gluten-free, nut based wonders that will give you a serious appreciation for the humble combination of Brazil nuts and almonds. Tuscan Sun pairs pungent Bojita Olives and Sun dried tomatoes with a dash of garlic and chili pepper for Mediterranean flavor with a subtle heat. The Big Cheese cracker is a simple and rich creation with delicious cheesy flavor. Simple but so addictive, you’ll know what we mean when you try them. Add Basic Roots Raw Nut Cheese to your snack time and we can’t be responsible for the results.

Ingredients: brazil nuts, almonds, chia seed, carrot, yellow pepper, chickpea miso, chickpeas, water, sea salt, olive oil, nutritional yeast, garlic, sea salt.

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