Blue Heron Cormorant Cheese - 150g

$12.99 CAD

Blue Heron Cormorant Cheese (150g)

This cashew based cheese is one of Blue Heron's signature cheeses, and was a finalist in 2021’s Made In Vancouver Awards. A semi-firm cheese, it is ash rinded, inoculated with blue and white mold and then surface washed repeatedly during the aging process leading to a deep umami forward cheese with earthy and slightly piquant notes. Named after the sleek black shorebirds that quietly populate the west coast of BC, the Cormorant is pungent, sharp but balanced, with sometimes mildly mushroom aroma.

This cheese is within the family of their mold ripened and blue cheeses. Eat it on its own, shave it over sauteed mushrooms on toast, pairs very well with big wines, figs, pears, and a wide range of preserves.

Ingredients: Cashews, filtered water, cultures, salt, vegetable ash.