Blue Heron West Coast Cheddar - 150g

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Blue West Coast Cheddar (150g)

This cashew based cheddar style cheese is one of Blue Heron's original longer aging cheeses. Born from pairing their cheese with another local producer’s product, they made the surface of this cheese with Biota Fermentation’s Grapefruit Mostarda, and it ages for 3 to 4 months.

Sharp, mild palate cleansing bitterness from the grapefruit, tangy. Eat on its own, pair with IPA, Saison, Witbier, white wine, pinot noir, or as you will.

Ingredients: Cashews, filtered water, cultures, salt. Rind wash: Grapefruit mostarda (grapefruit preserve, water, kombucha vinegar, mustard seed, onion powder, kosher salt, tumeric powder).