CB'S Nuts "Naked" Styrian Variety Organic Pumpkin Seeds - 57g

$3.29 CAD

Brand: CB's Nuts

CB'S Nuts "Naked" Styrian Variety Organic Pumpkin Seeds (57g)

These delicious rich flavored USDA Organic pumpkin seeds are a hull-less variety, meaning that instead of having the white outer shell they are simply a naturally grown green pumpkin seed. This is an heirloom variety of seed, sourced the U.S. These seeds are perfect for snacking, salads, baking — you name it and this 2 oz. package size is ideal to have on hand for the lunch box and to stash in the car or purse for those times you need a healthy snack to get you through.

Ingredients: Organic Naked Styrian Pumpkin Seeds, Sea Salt.
Allergen Warning: Produced in a facility that manufactures peanuts.

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