CLEARANCE - Vegan Touch Vegan Bolognese Pasta Sauce - 580ml

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Vegan Touch Vegan Bolognese Pasta Sauce (580ml)


Vegan Touch brings you the perfect addition to your next pasta night. Their sauces are made from organic, wholesome ingredients with no added sugar! Enjoy the goodness of a comforting, homemade sauce without all the prep and simmer time. Use this completely plant-based bolognese sauce atop your favourite spaghetti or linguine. Paired with your favourite vegan meatball or ground meat alternative- this sauce is sure to be a weeknight dinner winner!

Ingredients: Diced Italian tomatoes, tofu [GMO-FREE] (water, organic soybeans, magnesium chloride and/or calcium chloride), water, carrots, celery, onions, green peppers, extra virgin olive oil, tamarind, minced garlic, tamari sauce* (water, organic soybeans, sea salt, organic alcohol, aspergillus oryzae, bacterial culture), miso* (organic soybeans, organic arborio rice from Italy, sea salt, aspergillus oryzae, natural spring water), nutritional dry yeast flakes [GMO-FREE] (inactive), powdered mushrooms (lentinula edodes), sea salt, herbs, spices and citric acid.

* = Organic