Cuisine Camino Muscovado Whole Brown Sugar - 1kg

$10.99 CAD

Brand: Camino

Cuisine Camino Muscovado Whole Brown Sugar (1kg)

Cuisine Camino Whole Brown Sugar is created from the unrefined goodness of organic (and Non-GMO) sugar cane juice. Its rich molasses taste and soft texture will make your favorite recipes taste irresistible. Use it measure-for-measure in any recipe calling for brown sugar.

Camino offers Canada’s largest selection of fair trade and organic ingredients and is excited to show off a new look for its baking line. The new design puts the emphasis on the small-scale farmers with whom they work, and on the simplicity of their delicious and high quality fair trade and organic ingredients. Camino’s baking line includes chocolate chips, cocoa powders, sugars, baking chocolate bars and coconut.

Ingredients: Muscovado whole cane sugar.
Manufactured and packaged in a gluten-free and allergen free facility.

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