Cultures For Health Organic Liquid Vegetable Rennet - 30ml

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Brand: Cultures For Health

Cultures For Health Organic Liquid Vegetable Rennet (30ml)

This rennet is a Double Strength, organic, microbial vegetable rennet for cheesemaking.
  • Double strength
  • No animal byproducts
  • Yield: Each 1 oz. bottle contains approximately 6 teaspoons which is enough to set up to 48 gallons of milk. (1/4 tsp. will set up to 2 gallons of milk.)
  • Gluten free, non-GMO.
  • All ingredients conform to organic standards.
Instructions for Using Organic Vegetable Rennet:
  • This rennet is DOUBLE STRENGTH.
  • Use half as much as recipe calls for.
  • Dilute required amount of rennet with 20 times its volume of cool, potable water.
  • Immediately add into milk and stir for 2 minutes to uniformly distribute.
Ingredients: Double-strength microbial “vegetable” rennet derived from Mucor Miehei (Danisco Marzyme 55 PF), sodium chloride, acetic acid, sodium acetate.

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