Don't Eat The Homies 'Why Eat Animals' Billie T-Shirt - White

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This unisex white tee features the phrase "WHY EAT ANIMALS WHEN YOU CAN JUST EAT SOME CHIPS" in green tezt.

Underneath the potato chip bag graphic features another phrase, "WE LOVED THIS QUOTE BY BILLIE EILISH SO MUCH WE PUT IT ON A T-SHIRT"  The Dont Eat The Homies logo is printed on the front center chest. Chip bag features the words, "Party Flavor" in homage to Billie Eilish's song, "Party Favor"

Fit: Unisex / True to size 

Product Information

These tee's are 100% cotton and made in LA!

As always, Dont Eat The Homies donate 10% of every sale to vegan organizations helping them spread the movement through outreach and education, caring for rescued animals, and organizations working to protect animals from human exploitation.

  • Woman run / woman owned
  • 10% of sales donated 
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in LA

Brand Information

Jordyn Weekly created Don’t Eat the Homies by accident. During mid April in 2018, she came up with the phrase (that she’d later name her company after) inspired by her passion to spread vegan awareness. She hurried onto a “print on demand” site and created a design using the now iconic words, “Don’t Eat the Homies”. The design featured five animals - a cow, chicken, fish, pig, and horse – those who have been exploited, tortured, and commoditized the most within the commercial animal agriculture industry. Little did she know at the time, this was the first night and real beginning of the company that has since grown into the largest vegan streetwear brand today.