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Ecoideas Govinda Tigernut Flour - 300g

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Ecoideas Govinda Tigernut Flour (300g)

Tigernuts are recognized in ancient Egypt for their health benefits and relished in Spain for their delicious taste, Govinda™ is pleased to introduce you to tigernuts (cyperus esculentus). Contrary to their name and taste, tigernuts are not nuts (good news for those with allergies!) – they are tubers that grow low to the ground. Besides being one of nature’s richest sources of fibre (41%!), they are also rich in phosphorous, potassium, Vitamin E and C, and are a valuable source of easily digested protein, carbohydrates and essential iron. High fibre foods help to hold our hunger – great for those watching their weight, or people on the move!

Add it to your smoothie, muesli, or vegan yogurt. Use it as a substitute for nuts when baking cakes or bread for an added rich, almond-like flavor. It can also be enjoyed simply by adding 2-3 tablespoons with water, fruit juice or plant-based milk.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Ground Tigernuts (cyperus esculentus).

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