Herbivore 'Love Life' Women's T-Shirt - Navy

$37.99 CAD

Brand: The Herbivore Clothing Co

Herbivore Clothing Love Life Women's T-Shirt (Navy)

Herbivore put one of their most beloved designs on a beautiful navy tee!

Rabbits. Wabbits! Adorable, fragile, personable, and deserving of our protection and love. The third most popular pet in the United States, right behind dogs and cats! People can rescue one alive and pet her and love her, or they can buy one dead at the meat counter, or people can have rabbit fur on the trim of a jacket. Cosmetics and household products are usually tested on their sensitive eyes and skin. But you choose to respect rabbits and let them be. You don't buy any kind of rabbit or wear a rabbit's skin. You wouldn't participate in such thoughtlessness. You have opened your heart and you can encourage others to do the same. Love life, no matter whose.
    • Printed on super soft Alternative Apparel Vintage tees
    • 100% Cotton

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