Vegan Veins 'What I Eat' Unisex Tee

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We think of ourselves as plant eaters. Some people think of us as people who don't eat meat. There is a subtle difference there, but a real one.

Product Information

To Herbivore Clothing, it's not about what we DON'T eat, it's ALL ABOUT what we DO EAT. This design is a celebration of what we eat!

Fruits, nuts, greens, beans, grains, tubers, roots, flowers, seeds, we love 'em all!

Unisex fit. 50% Organic Cotton, 50% Recycled RPET Polyester (made from plastic bottles). Made in the USA.

Brand Information

Josh and Michelle started Herbivore in 2002 in the spare bedroom of their apartment in SE PDX. Why? Well, they wanted good looking clothes, ethically made, that would show the world they believed animals deserved respect, love, and to be free from harm. They wanted to spread the word about living cruelty-free. They believe the oppression of one is the oppression of us all. They believe in animal liberation and human liberation are the same cause, so they fight for both.

Their approach has always been to show veganism as a positive choice that gives you back so much more than you give up. Compassion Is Invincible!