Kula Kitchen BBQ Red Pepper Sauce - 250ml

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By Kula
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Kula Kitchen BBQ Red Pepper Sauce (250ml)

Kula's take on a traditional BBQ sauce, a certified KULA classic. The smoky and spicy notes might be familiar for their regulars, we use this in their BBQ plant-based meats!

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, Erythritol, Mustard (Vinegar, Mustard Seed, Salt, Turmeric, Paprika, Spice, Garlic Powder),Garlic, Fresh Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Smoke Flavour, Smoked Paprika, Chili Peppers, Cloves, Cinnamon. 

Contains: Mustard. 

May Contain: Nuts, Gluten, Soy.