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Little Tucker Snickaroo Squares - 80g

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Brand: Little Tucker

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Little Tucker Snickaroo Squares (80g)

Little Tucker believes that on top of having healthy snack options, you also deserve something a little more indulgent to treat yourself with, without feeling guilty!

Enter their very popular, Snickaroo Squares. Filled with nut butter, pure maple, vanilla, crunchy peanuts and sea salt, and then enrobed in house-made raw chocolate, it really is the perfect bite to satisfy your sweet tooth. Snickaroo’s come in a 2-pack so you can share with someone you love, although once you try it, you mind change your mind about sharing.

Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Date Paste (Dates), *Cacao Butter, Pure Maple Syrup, *Cacao Powder, Peanuts, Almond Butter, Vanilla Extract, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Tapioca Powder. *Organic. 

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