Mindful Monk Functional Fudge Almond Almighty - 54g

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Mindful Monk Functional Fudge Almond Almighty (54g)

If you love chocolate covered almonds, then their Almond Almighty fudge is the one for you. Dark, rich, and creamy with a hint of saltiness, it’s no wonder Almond Almighty is a fan favourite. Their functional chocolates are the perfect guilt-free snack packed with nutritious ingredients that leave you feeling good after eating one square (or two).

Ingredients: Natural almond butter, organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa mass, organic cocoa powder, organic MCT powder (organic fractionated coconut oil, organic acacia fibre), natural almonds, organic oat fibre, monk fruit juice concentrate, organic vanilla extract, himalayan pink salt.

Contains: Almonds

May Contain:Peanuts, Gluten