Nature's My Friend '100 Animals' Oracle Card Deck

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Explore the magick of the animal kingdom with the art of divination. Using imagery, science and symbolism, learn more about both yourself and animals with this thoughtfully crafted oracle deck. Gorgeous monochromatic illustrations, high quality linen card stock with air pockets, and simple language, make readings easy, approachable and straight-forward. These creatures are ready to guide your life journey.

Product Information

The oracle contains one hundred 2.5" x 3.5" cards. All 100 cards fit comfortably in the palm of your hand (just like playing cards with two decks). The deck comes housed in a sturdy rigid box. Each card features an original ink illustration, the animal's name and their symbolic power word. Linen finish card stock ensures durability and creates ease when handling and shuffling. Never worry about bending or creasing corners like other low quality decks: these cards are built to last you a lifetime.

The deck comes with a beautiful guidebook. This guidebook measures 4.5" square and is text only. Animals are alphabetical for easy reference. Expanded upright and reversal meanings for each card card is listed under the facts and symbolism. A 15 page introduction to cartomancy, detailing helpful tips on preparing for readings, shuffling styles, ways to interpret your cards, and suggestions for enhancing your divination practice.

Brand Information

Bring the outdoors indoors with Nature's My Friend. Magic illustrations from local artist and creator Jess Gowling. Jess believes in guidance from the animal kingdom through imagery, science and symbolism. 

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