Nutiva Classic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread - 369g

$12.49 CAD
By Nutiva

Nutiva Classic Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (369g)

What? Vegan nutella? Oh joy!

This deliciously decadent treat has 40% less sugar than the leading brand. Great for pairing with fruit, adding to smoothies or simply spreading on toast. Add to lunches or bring on a hike for that needed energy boost. Complete with 450mg Omega-3 and 5g of dietary fiber per serving. (Note: Palm oil is Fair Trade Certified Palm Oil).

Ingredients: Cane sugar*, cocoa*, palm olein*, hazelnut*, flaxseed flour*, red plam fruit oil*, inulin*, refined coconut oil*, chia seed oil*, palm stearin*, sunflower lecithin*, vanilla flavor*.
*Certified Organic.
Allergy Info: contains tree nuts (coconut & hazelnut). May contain traces of milk solids.