Ohsawa Organic Tamari - 947ml

$46.75 CAD

Brand: Ohsawa

Ohsawa Organic Gluten-Free Tamari (947ml)

A deep color, rich consistency and more complex bouquet when compared with shoyu, so it retains its flavor better in longer cooking styles. Full-bodied and savoury, a little tamari goes a long way in marinades, vegetable dishes, stews, sauces and salad dressings. Our tamari is a rich delectable seasoning sauce produced by the Deguchi family on the Chita Peninsula of Japan, using the same time-honored methods that have been passed down in the family for generations, traditionally brewed in cedar kegs. 100% wheat-free, with no added alcohol, Ohsawa Tamari is an excellent choice for those who are wheat-sensitive. Use instead of salt for better flavor and reduced salt intake. It is made only of organic whole soybeans, water, sea salt, and koji.

Ingredients: Organic whole soybeans, water, sea salt, organic distilled sake(water, rice, aspergillus oryzae), aspergillus oryzae.

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