Pumpkin's Acres Rabbit Rescue

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Pumpkin’s Acres Rabbit Rescue is based out of the Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada and is dedicated to caring for unwanted and neglected rabbits and finding them forever homes, while educating people on the importance of proper rabbit care. Rabbits are seen as disposable and people think they can survive in the wild, but they can’t. There are so many dangers for them - diseases, cars, predators and even cruel people. And then there are the rabbits being kept in hutches outside or small cages, which is no way to live. They’re smart, playful animals who are capable of love - they need stimulation, a proper diet and space to run around. Pumpkin's Acres ensures rabbits live out the life of care and safety that they deserve.To learn more please visit: https://www.pumpkinsacres.ca/