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Sapsucker Maple Tree Filtered Water - 1L

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Sapsucker Maple Tree Filtered Water (1L)

Sapsucker is water harvested from mature maple trees, technically called sap. The early spring harvest season is only a few weeks long, and depends on just the right weather—cold enough for the trees to still have stores of energy for winter in their roots, but warm enough during the day for the sap to flow.

When the time is right, they harvest it using an age-old process that does no harm to their trees, and lets them continue to produce throughout their natural lives.

The water produced by a maple tree originates in the air and the earth around it, not from an underground aquifer. As it draws this moisture up through its roots and trunk, the tree acts as a natural filter, adding nutrients and subtle flavour along the way.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Maple Water.

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