ShawZ Oatmilk Chocolate Party Bar - 50g

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By ShawZ
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ShawZ Oatmilk Chocolate Party Bar (50g)

ShawZ signature oatmilk chocolate with naturally colored sugar sprinkles! ShawZ Chocolate is the world's premier supplier of Oatmilk Chocolate. Their chocolate frequently rates better on quality, taste & sensory factors than conventional chocolate. ShawZ Chocolate is crafted in-house with simple, natural ingredients all of the time.

Ingredients: Chocolate ingredients: Cocoa ingredients, cane sugar vanilla. Candy Sprinkle ingredients: Sugar, Corn starch, Palm oil, Palm kernel oil, Sunflower lecithin, Natural flavors, Colored with Spirulina, Riboflavin, Vegetable juices and Annatto, Carnauba Wax