Singh Beans Indus Medium-Dark Roast - 340g

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Singh Beans Indus Medium-Dark Roast (340g) 

Singh Beans flagship roast uses very aromatic beans from a family farm near Banglore, India - scents of masala chai that take you on a nostalgic trip to the streets of India. The green beans are imported from the Ratnagiri Estate farm in Karnataka and freshly roasted in Vancouver. This new roast is like bringing a piece of India into each bag.

This vibrant, sweet-tasting coffee is unlike anything else in their lineup.

Tasting Notes: Masala chai, white pepper, and dried dates.

Whole Bean Coffee

Brand Information: The people behind Singh Beans are family too, with roots in the local Canadian-Sikh communities of Vancouver and Toronto. At Singh Beans, they hold true to their foundational values, which focus on the importance of giving back and helping the people around them.

Since the inception of Singh Beans, the founders wanted to ensure that they were involved in each step of the process and that their product was of premium quality. They have done this by holding true to their core values by keeping their local and global community at the forefront.

This has been achieved by guaranteeing that every bag of Singh Beans Coffee starts with ethically sourced beans, which have originated in Central and South America. The beans are then roasted locally in Vancouver and packaged on the same day to secure freshness.

In addition to a focus on product quality, Singh Beans gives back to organizations they believe in. Two dollars from every bag you order is donated to Muscular Dystrophy Canada, a charity that is near and dear to their hearts.