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Sweet & Sara Vanilla Marshmallows - 177g

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Brand: Sweet & Sara

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Sweet & Sara Vanilla Marshmallows (177g)

Their signature product and most popular indulgence, now non-GMO! These rich, creamy cubes are infused with pure Madagascar vanilla, and have just the right texture for that chewy, yet bouncy bite. These marshmallows roast perfectly over the fire for making smores, and melt easily for homemade recipes like rice crispy treats or fondant. Add them to mugs of steaming hot cocoa, or simply pop these little morsels into your mouth for some sweet goodness!

Ingredients: tapioca syrup, vegan cane sugar, water, non-GMO corn starch, carrageenan, non-GMO soy protein, acacia, pure vanilla extract, sea salt, locust bean gum, organic confectioner’s sugar.

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