Thai Roots Yellow Curry Paste - 80g

$4.99 CAD

Brand: Thai Roots

Thai Roots Yellow Curry Paste (80g)

Inspired by traditional Indian curry, Thai yellow curry includes turmeric as one of the vital ingredients, giving the curry its typical golden-yellow color.  Its creamy texture with spicy-sweet-savory flavours makes Nam Prik Gaeng Karee (Yellow Curry) the most comforting and perfect for those who want to get started with Thai curry but cannot handle a lot of spice. It is also very healthy as turmeric contains an amazing antioxidant and cancer fighter.

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Garlic, Shallot, Rice Bran Oil, Sugar, Chili, Spices (Coriander Seed, Curry Powder, Mustard, Cumin), Turmeric.
Allergen: Mustard

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