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Untamed Feast Forest Blend Mushrooms - 20g

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Brand: Untamed Feast

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Untamed Feast Forest Blend Mushrooms (20g)

This is a premium blend of the best mushrooms that the season has to offer. Unlike other wild mushroom mixes, every species in Untamed Feast’s Forest Blend is truly wild and from the forest. No cheap fillers and no varieties that are farmed or grown.

With this mix you have the opportunity to have porcini,  morel, lobster, chanterelle, pine, yellowfeet, hedgehog and other fall species all in one meal. Create an exceptional soup, risotto or pasta pairing from the Forest Blend.

Package contains a booklet of recipes inside. Product is non-perishable.

Ingredients: Wild Mushrroms including: porcini, morel, lobster, chanterelle, pine, hedgehog. (boletus edulis, hypomyces lactifluorum, morchella conica, cantharellus cibarius, tricholoma magnivelare).

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